Monday, March 26, 2012

Stars and stripes

Walking through this spring air with little bumblebees flying around me, looking for the first nectar. New trees, green grass and the sun shining bright.

Wearing red and stripes, but we're missing the stars. I'm the star, everyone around me are the stripes.  

Everyone got their own shining star, but sometimes they just don't see it, cause they're paying more attention to the others. Once they find their inner star, they will shine like the sun, will be as bright as the sky and live their stardust fairytale.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Lost on the highway, in the middle of crossroads

From morning till evening, evening till morning and all over again. Taking highways, searching for crossroads, searching for that one road that brings you to that thing you really need.

They always say that if you search long enough, you'll find it. But sometimes you can look to far, when it's actually really close. You can be lost, but being lost doesn't mean you can't find it.

Lost on the highway, in the middle of crossroads, the road to a fairytale/where everything is possible.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bring art to fashion

Fences, gauze and metals. With my black boots. walking this district as a real fashion criminal. This is my catwalk, the windows are my public.

Orange and blue, outstanding colors for outstanding people. A triangle of colors, not only black and white. Stars and stripes, but this time without the stars, we are our own shining stars from the inside and from time to time, we'll glow.

Up to the highest floor, where we can feel the wind blowing to the windows, finding their way to come in. Coming in this colorful fairytale, where we live in. A world of art and fashion, now we made the art into fashion. This fashion art in this fashion fairytale.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The darkness in the light

From city street to city street, from vintage store to vintage store, from station to station. It's different, I feel different, my demon took over my little angel. Now I'm here in this old, cold and creepy street. It''s light but I'm in the darkness, in this dark fairytale, where I play the villain.

Angels can fly, so can demons, but we're different. We climb and jump, when we fall we will be okay. Our minds can travel in time, the brain is the machine and your mind the time. 

Vintage clothes have stories, each soul and every moment is caught in the clothes. They're ever lasting, we will bring more stories, memories won't die. We will always let the darkness relive in the light, in this dark fairytale.