Monday, February 27, 2012

The lady and the tramp

Cold nocturne streets, aristocrats and mansions. This is the life of a lady, not for tramps. But sometimes if a tramp looks in a ladies house, they get hypnotized in a world where everything is possible. That's when the story begins, with the lady and the tramp.

Waking up like a princess, seeing the light coming through the white curtains. Clapping in my hands and the lights go one, walking to the balcony where my breakfast is served on a white and blue plate with golden reckoning.

Black and white, black always will be black and white always white. The clothes can change. the house can change, but the persons will always be the same, just like black is black and white is white.


  1. Love that jacket on you!

  2. Beautiful photos! you look amazing I love the jacket & the pop of color in your outfit!

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  10. Oi linda!
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  11. great furry coat! that bed is sooo pretty

  12. Lovely outfit, you're so pretty :) ♥
    And yeah, I don't like Georgie :( Dan & Blair are awesome together though ♥
    BTW: Following you now ♥

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  14. wow wow wow you jacket is soooo amazing! love it! :D

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